ONE. Check before using S17Pro/S17 mining machine

1. New machine signing and inspection

a. When the new machine receives the receipt, check the appearance of the package for damage. If there is any damage, please take a photo first and contact WeChat customer service for processing.

b. After unpacking, check whether the mining machine casing is deformed, whether the fan and connection cable are damaged, and whether the cable is damaged. If there is any damage, please take a photo first and contact WeChat customer service.

c. Check if there is any abnormal noise from the mining machine. If there is any abnormal noise, contact WeChat customer service.

d. Check whether the cable is loose, whether the fan plug is loose, and if it is loose, insert it in time.

Antminer S17/S17 PRO Mining Machine Instructions

Antminer S17/S17 PRO Mining Machine Instructions

2. Precautions for use

a. The router or switch connected to the miner cannot be used with POE function.

b. The miner can only be connected to the router or switch through a wired way.

c. The recommended operating temperature is 5 to 35 degrees.

d. It is recommended to use the ambient humidity below 65%.

e. Pay attention to dust and catkins, so as not to corrode the operation board or cause the heat of the mining machine to not be dissipated.

f. To enter the background of the miner, it is recommended to use Google or Firefox browsers.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug the power cord and signal line with power on. The AC side of the power supply of the miner must have a reliable grounding.

TWO. Antminer S17/S17 PRO Mining Machine Interface description of the air inlet position of the miner

TWO. Interface description of the air inlet position of the miner

SD: Card SD card socket

IP Report: Use IP Report software to feed back the IP of this miner to the computer

ETH: Network cable interface

Reset: Button to restore factory settings of the miner

Fault: Fault warning light, in most cases, it is faulty when it flashes

Normal: Operation indicator, in most cases, flashing light indicates that the machine is working normally

Three, the use and settings of Antminer S17Pro/S17 mining machine

1. Mining machine wiring and inspection

a. Network cable connection. There is a network cable interface directly in front of the miner. Pay attention to the direction when inserting the cable. The crystal head must be inserted in place. After inserting it in place, you will generally hear a soft “click” sound.

b. Power cord connection. The power supply of S17 has two C13 plugs, and the miner can work normally only after 220VAC power supply is connected.

2. Enter the mining machine

A. Find the IP of the miner: After the power is supplied, the miner starts to start, and after the green light of the miner starts to flash, you can find the IP of the miner. The IP Report software can be used to find the IP of the miner, the method is as follows:

Download software:

Open the software and click “Start”

Press the IP button on the miner

Feedback of the miner IP on the computer

Note: The miner and the computer must be in the same network, otherwise the feedback signal from the miner cannot be received.


The use and setting of S17Pro mining machine

B. Enter the background of the miner

a. After finding the IP of the mining machine, enter the obtained IP address in the web page and press Enter to enter.

b. In the pop-up dialog box, enter the user name and password, both of which are root, and press Enter to enter.

S17 Pro

3. Modify the password of the miner

It is recommended to change the login password of the miner webpage after logging in to the miner. Log in to the background of the miner webpage, select System, and click Administration, the operation method is as follows:

Current Password Enter the current password

New Password Enter the modified password

Confirmation Enter the modified password again, and then click Save&Apply in the lower right corner

4. Modify the IP of the miner

a. Click “Network” to enter the IP setting page of the miner, and select “Static”.

b. Enter IP, subnet mask, gateway, DNS in the following four boxes,

c. Then click “Save&Apply” to save. After the page buffering is completed, proceed to the next step.

d. If you don’t know what DNS and gateway are, please check


Modify the IP of the miner


5. Configure mining pool miners (take the ant pool as an example)

a. Click “Miner Configuration” to enter the mining pool and miner configuration page.

b. Fill in the URL of the mining pool address.

c. Worker is the name of the miner, corresponding to the sub-account in the mining pool, and the number is the number that distinguishes the mining machine.

d. Password does not need to be changed (default is OK).

e. Work Mode Select the working mode of the miner (S17pro has three types: Low Power/Normal/Turbo; S17 has two types: Low Power/Normal)

f. After setting, click “Save&Apply” to save.

6. Screenshot of the background running status of the webpage


7. Mining pool computing power information

After the mining machine is running, you can see the hashrate information in the corresponding mining pool in about 30 minutes.

8. At this point, the configuration of the miner has been completed. Congratulations on becoming a miner.

Remarks: The ant mining pool is used by default in the above. If you use other mining pools, please modify it to the address of the mining pool you want to use, and refer to the corresponding mining pool tutorial.

Four, S17Pro/S17 mining machine operating environment description

Please read the operating environment manual of the miner carefully, and run your machine as required. The original link of the environmental specification is as follows:

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