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AMD BC-160 Graphics Card

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AMD BC160 for gamers miners

The BC-160 mining card from XFX is now available in China. 

Back in October, we reported that XFX is preparing its custom card for cryptocurrency mining. This card was supposedly using Navi 12 GPU, which to this date was more commonly known as ‘special’ GPU for Apple Mac or Radeon Pro V560. This GPU was never released for gamers though. More than 2 years since it was first introduced, AMD is now supplying Navi 12 chips for mining equipment.


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BC-160 Fast Delivery Original New AMD XFX BC 160 8GB GPU Video Game Graphics Card

The BC-160 (referring to Blockchain Compute) is a blower-type headless card for mining. Most of these cards will end up mining Ehtereum, which is still the most profitable coin to mine on GPUs which are software-locked (such as GeForce RTX 30 LHR series).

The Navi 12 GPU is manufactured using TSMC N7 process technology and features 2304 Stream Processors (36 Compute Units). It uses two stacks of 4GB HBM2 memory each attached to a 1024-bit bus. The memory is clocked at 1.6 Gbps which means 512 GB/s of bandwidth.

AMD BC-160 Graphics Card
Core Clock
1830 MHz
Memory Clock
14000 MHz
Memory Size
8 GB
Memory Type
Memory Bus
‎2048-bit HBM2
Card size
Power connector
8 pin + 8 pin

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