Bitfarms Purchased A 24 Megawatts of Hydroelectric Power Station In Washington State For US$26 Million

According to EMT Mining news, Canadian Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms purchased a 24 MW hydroelectric power station in Washington State for US$26 million, which is expected to increase mining power by 620PH/s. Currently, 4,000 Bitmain units have been deployed. S19j Pro mining machine with a mining power of 400PH/s.

比特大陆蚂蚁矿机 S19j Pro 100TH/s

Ben Gagnon, Chief Mining Officer of Bitfarms, said: “The mining cost of this hydropower mine is 25% lower than other mines in Quebec, Canada. When the 6,200 mining machines in Washington State are deployed, it is expected to produce nearly 3.7 per day. Bitcoin, the cost of each Bitcoin is about 4,000 US dollars.”

In addition, Bitfarms has reached an agreement with other mining facility sellers in Washington State to jointly develop other mines in the area.

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